Synchronized Supply Chain


Steering of the stock of finished goods, resources and intermediate products. Production – Logistics – Purchases

Specific Goals

Synchronising the different supply points with each other to ensure minimal global stock and maximal delivery reliability.

Usual results

  • A strong decrease of stock throughout the entire chain (30% to 40%)
  • Reliability is improved to above 98%
  • Local supplies will no longer be over-secured
  • Safe supply for long delivery terms
  • Synchronised factories in distant countries
  • Integration of the inventory of suppliers
  • Optimalisation of constumers stock
  • MRP becomes unnecessary
  • Abolishment of unnecessary storage space

Specific technique

  • Dynamic replenishment
  • Calculation of needs at every level, taking into account partial buffers and possible productions and deliveries.
  • Risk calculation for future stocks taking into account the reliability of the chain, large orders, promotions, etc.
  • Integration of transport times
  • Specific algorithms for longer and less reliable transport times.
  •  Integration of distant production
  •  POOGI: Permanent diagnosis of the reliability of resources/suppliers/subcontractors


Our Offer

Diagnosis study and plan of implementation

Complete courses with possible transfer of knowhow will be guided by TOC experts

Adaptable and integrable software available



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