Verhaert Space

Critical chain: Single and multiple project implementation.
Several space projects: Proba Project(first Belgian satellite) Cosma, Coupola, FSL…

Proba (Project for On-Board Autonomy) is an ESA project that has been executed by Verhaert-Space. It is the first ESA satellite that works in complete autonomy in space. Operated via internet Proba executes all the important tasks without intervention from the ground. This is due to a new software that is 50 times more powerful then the previous ESA Solar observation system.

In addition to this challenge Proba carries 5 earth observation instruments.

This satellite is:

  • The first Belgian satellite build by Verhaert.

  • Extremely time-critical (3 years).

  • Very low-budget. About 10 times cheaper than the classic solutions.

Driven by those challenges, Verhaert concluded that The critical Chain was the right concept to manage the risks of this vital project.

Together with Bureau Léonard, techniques for the management of the Critical Chain were applied to the projec, which resulted in a more stable planning, clear priorities, better identification of risks and a better focus on the management of the project.

The satellite was launched successfully and operates better than expected.