Engie Electrabel

At the Engie-nuclear plants in Doel and Tihange, Bureau Léonard developed and implemented the OptimaCS-software to improve the availability of the material for maintenance and projects.
OptimaCs software is interfaced with SAP..

Management of the sales process.

Stock optimalization, managing the workload of the employees, and steering the waiting ques. Managing the priorities by individual Kan-Ban boards. Management of the aging (Obsolescence), Pro-active signals and follow-up the aging-files.

Follow-up the QA process of the material supply, purchase, inspection, reception… Managing the changes of the master data.

Managing and steering the “obsolescence” (= pieces that are no longer available on the market, or are no longer made by a certified company). The priorities are taking in account: The mounting date and the lead-times for supply, administration, inspections etc…

One Click information.

I planned a maintenance and I want to check if all the necessary material is available. Or, if ordered to an external supplier, what is the status of the order?

We want to close a certain part of the installation; What parts are no longer necessary?

As a head of department I want to know is there are obsolete parts in my installation and what is the status of the re-supply?

As a material manager I want to see what tasks I have to do today. The available information comes from different internal sources. SAP and others. My individual Kan-Ban shows the priorities.

Looking at one specific material I want to know: Where used? Which device? What is the location in the plant? Who is the manufacturer? Who is using it and where?

What are the settings of the the Material Requirement Planning for re-supply? What is the average and peek consumption ?


The purchase department complained that there was a shortage of skilled people in order to process the growing volume of complex requests that became more and more urgent.

After the implementation of the OptimaCS- software, the flows where under control without additional recruitment. Now the technicians easily find the necessary information without waiting for the answers from other services.