Producer and distributor of “Branded” metal and plastic house wares
Products: ironing tables, pedal bins, post-boxes, rotary dryers, gadgets, can openers, breadbox, canisters.
Country’s: +80 (UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland,….)
5 Factories Belgium, Latvia , The Netherlands , China and UK
3 Distribution Centres:  Belgium , UK , US .


The operations and the supply chain.

C&DS Modules

  • C&DS Supply chain: Management of the DC’s Inventory levels and the Goods flow between the plats and DC’s.
  • C&DS Replenishment: Management of finished goods inventory Semi finished products and raw material
  • C&DS Buffer management: Priorities for execution on the shop floor Including issue management
  • C&DS POOGI: Continuous improvement  Module


The complete implementation finished in 12 months.


Maintaining very high service level whit much lower inventories all over the supply-chain.

Improved synchronization of the different links in the supply-chain including purchase, local and distant production, central and local warehouses.

Facilitator for other IT solutions (purchasing)

The planned investment for building additional warehouse-space in UK has been cancelled. Instead of it the warehouse in the UK is half-empty with a better service level.