TKF produces cables in different market segments: Broad band, Energy, Machines, Offshore, Rail, Home, Industry and Infrastructure. TKF focusses on better customer-specific cable solutions and high quality of the solutions to meet the highest requirements.

Domain of application

The implementation includes: operations, the internal supplychain through global TKF. The production and inventory management of the different plants.


  • C&DS-dynamic replenishment: inventory management of the finished goods, semi-finished products and raw materials.
  • C&DS-productionplanning: Capacity Planning combining Make To Order and Make To Stock, including ATP (Available To Promise)
  • C&DS Buffermanagement: priorities on the shop floor including issue-management
  • Gestion des tampons de sécurité C&DS, comprenant le pilotage des priorités dans l’atelier et la gestion des incidents.
  • C&DS POOGI: On-Going Improvement Module

Duration: The implementation have been completed in 12 months.

The operations and the internal supplychain of 3 manufacturing sites are managed following the TOC- principles ans supports by C&DS.

The C&DS application is interfaced with NAVISION.


Important lead-time reduction (-50%)

Improved flexibility

The due performance has been improved while the inventories have been reduced by 40%.

Finished goods inventory reduction (-30%)

The first tangible results appeared within 8 months after starting the implementation.