Critical Chain

Specific Targets

Diminishing of throughput times of the deadline through optimal use of critical resources

Usual results

  • Reduction of production time with 30% to 50%
  • Securing of the deadline to interruptions of different order through using a robust and transparant technique (TOC-Buffer Management)
  • Optimising of the use of critical resources in a single- and multi-project environment
  • Diminishes the necessary management- and check-up time by automatically focussing on real (critical) decisions, while using safe (and traceable) delegation mechanisms
  • Stable and robust plans
  • Eliminates waste of time, energy, and money

Specific techniques

  • The project network will be developed and checked using the PRT*-technique (necessary and sufficient condition logic)
  • The elimination of unnecessary security (and cost) is reached by making the structural difference between constraints and non-constraints (on the level of resources, purchase, sub-contractors, etc…)
  • Security is applied where necessary, and only there! This creates a fluent project-steering for minimal cost. The monitoring of the total throughput time happens by guarding the bufferpenetration*
  • This technique ensures very sensitive signals and the correct allocation of priorities, what allows many false urgencies to disappear
  • Improvement management is embedded
  • The entirety is supported by user-friendly and adapted software


Our Offer

Application study (possible results, necessary steps, budget)

In-company decision making workshop: 2 days

Assistence by TOC experts to guide the first projects and overcome the usual start-up obstacles

Adapted software for the implementation of critical chain

Recommended literature: “The Critical Chain” – Dr Eli Goldratt.


Critical Chain applied at companies such as: