Eldra is an internationally oriented cable producing company specialized in developing and delivering innovative cable solutions. These solutions are implemented in systems and networks in the following areas: Information technology, Communication technology, Electro technical sector, Industrial sector, Utility sector and Infrastructure sector.


The operations and the internal supply-chain.

C&DS Modules:

C&DS Replenishment:

Management of finished goods inventory Semi finished products and raw material

C&DS Production Planning:

Capacity planning combining Make to Order and Make to Stock Including ATP (Available to promise)

C&DS Buffer management:

Priorities for execution on the shop floor Including issue management


Continuous improvement Module

Duration: The complete implementation was finished in 8 months


  • Lead-time reduction, enhanced flexibility and due-date performance improvement have been reached while inventories semi-finished products and raw material went down by more than 30%.
  • The first tangible results have been achieved within 3 months after start of implementation.

While 70% of the production is Make to Stock, C&DS Replenishment proved to be a valuable contribution for better inventory management. Due to more insight and therefore better communication