Market Constraints

Specific Goals

Identifying the largest levers for increasing market share. Guide for improvement by the entire market constraints model.

Usual results

  • Development of breakthrough solutions to attack new markets in a short timespan
  • Finding and tackling growth markets
  • Discovering new opportunities
  • Identification of the weakest link in market constraints
  • Optimisation of marketing budget
  • Acceptance of changing priorities
  • Integration of suppliers’ stocks
  • Costumer stocks optimised
  • Abolition of unnecessary storage space

Specific techniques

  • Market constraints model: Calculated identification of the weakest link in sales and marketing
  • Constraint – driven. business plan: Multi-year plan with a link to future loss, profit, and balance.
  • Throughput Accounting: The impact of an action, a decision, or a project will first be measured using throughput (short and long term).
  • Critical Chain: Implementation plan of the new approach with a guess of risks and reserves. Buffers in time and money.
  • Funnelmanagement: Structural solutions for monitoring and steering of sales actions.
  • Competitive price-setting
  • POOGI. Structured process of improvement that is linked to the project buffers and salesfunnel, it generates selective signals for short term steering and long-term improvement.


Our Offer

Group Sessions and individual work for the composition of the market constraints model

Identification and consensus about the best opportunities for improvement, with a view on the impact on the rest of the organisation.

Complete courses with possible transfer of know-how will be guided by TOC experts


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