Dynamic Replenishment


Stock steering of finished products, resources, and intermediate products. Supply chain management – Logistics – Purchase

Specific Goals

Optimal availability of goods with minimal stock and less administration.

Usual Results

  • Drastic improvement of the delivery reliability of the final product
  • Diminishing of urgent actions
  • Disapearance of production interruptions due to shortages
  • Lowering of internal stocks with 30% to 40% after 3 resupply cycli.
  • Transparent graphics readable by everyone
  • Focus system on critical situations. – Lowers the amount of panic situations and secures the flow of goods.

Specific techniques

  • TOC – replenishment
  • Only gives signals when needed
  • Replacing point of order with Buffer Management. Steers using risks, not absolute numbers
  • Intuitive graphical support
  • History, future evolutions, zones of alarm, analysis
  • Adaptation to evolution
  • Speeding up or slowing down in use automatically generates a proposal for new alarm zones
  • Priority steering
  • Puts the focus on the most crucial resupply
  •  Slow-movers and Fast movers will be administered by the same logic, integration.
  • MTO –MTS (make-to-stock and make-to-order) Integration of purchases
  • POOGI: Monitoring of the reliability of resources/suppliers/subcontractors. Focus on improvement

Our Offer

Diagnosis study and plan of implementation

Complete courses with possible transfer of know-how will be guided by TOC experts

Adapted and integrable software available



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