Scan and Plan Market Constraints

TOC Scan & Plan and Market Constraints

The TOC-SCAN & PLAN can be expanded with the market constraints training module and provides answers to the following questions:

What is stopping us from increasing our market share?

If more can be sold with the same organisation, then this is market constraints. The focus is not on lengthy market research but on the elements that slow down the own organisation in order to score better in the market.

What is the key problem in our market approach?

The technique used to draw up the company's marketing constraints profile makes it possible to identify the weakest link in the market approach. It also indicates where the biggest levers for increasing market share can be found.

What is the impact of our cost prices?

Analysing cost prices in isolate (i.e.: without taking into account organisational constraints and without the impact on real losses and profits) often leads to wrong conclusions. This delicate issue is also examined during the TOC-SCAN + Market. The procedure used to make commercial and operational decisions in function of the cost price is vital to determine the possibilities for improvement.

What is the new direction?

It is not enough to indicate what goes wrong, from the identification of the core problem a new direction is derived that fits the organisation. Not a copy-paste of some general slogans, but an own objective that puts clear figures first.

What is the best plan to achieve maximum results with minimum effort, both in the short term and in the long term?

A new direction does not come about of its own accord and picking up some opportunities quickly is not an option in the longer term at all. The implementation plan is based on the current situation and gives a clear picture of the entire route and the subobjectives. Breaking through seemingly 'difficult bottlenecks' is translated into feasible steps.