Resistance to change

Resistance to change does not exist and that can be proven in a very simple way.

Suppose you receive €10,000,000 from us as a gift without conditions. For most of us this is a very profound change in our lives, there is usually no resistance. Resistance to a change only exists if the consequence of the change is negative for ourselves or if we cannot oversee the consequences.

Managers who make improvements that could cause their employees to lose their jobs are usually faced with resistance. Every change process is a personal process. When we evaluate a change, we unconsciously take stock and weigh the positive effects of the change against the negative ones. This unconscious personal assessment can be divided into four categories:

The alligator is the danger of not changing if we do nothing then we will go bankrupt, relocate production abroad .....
These eminent dangers often force us to make structural changes. It is not by chance that the greatest advances in science have been made in wars.

The mermaid is the advantage of not changing preserving what we have.
How many people are thinking of ever taking a trip around the world, and how many are there who really leave everything behind and leave? What keeps them here is their mermaid, the family home the children ....

The pot full of gold is the goal of change, if we do it this way we will make more profit, be more competitive ... Of course,
the 'golden pot' must be a personal advantage. After all, every change is a personal trade-off between for and against.
Bonuses are a typical example of this, they ensure that the personal goldpot and the company's goldpot coincide.

If we go down the path of change, we know in advance that there will be difficulties and obstacles in our path.
Often these obstacles are foreseeable and we stop before we have even started. How many times have you had a "creative idea" that hasn't been done.
As an initiator of something new, you know in advance that you will be blamed for everything that goes wrong, even if it has nothing to do with what we have introduced to you.
Resistance to change does not exist, resistance to the negative effects of change does.