TOC – Short.

The Theory Of Constraints has been developed by Dr Eli GOLDRATT. It contains concepts techniques and tools to identify the real constraint that prevents you to reach your goal. On-going diagnosis can be imbedded into the organisation by appropriate tools.

Identification is not sufficient to solve the problem. Very often the core-constraint cannot easily be removed by simple means. Additional techniques and tools allow you to “exploit” existing bottlenecks without huge investments or changes.

Exploiting a bottleneck often requires additional synchronization and protection. Depending on the environment this phase is supported by process-synchronization-, or project-driven decision tools. In this stage the positive effects soon appear. Buffermanagement is a typical TOC-tool that generates signals (both: alarms and predictive signals) and manages the priorities.

If one day the existing constraint no longer exist, it is necessary to identify the next constraint. If the implementation is properly done; this action can be anticipated by the appropriate tools that generate the right signals and support a process of on-going improvement.