For fast and reliable results

Do you sometimes have these issues:

Too much/not enough supply?

Missing that one piece?

Suppliers that deliver too early or too late.

Costumers that obligate you to have unnecessary stocks?

Long or unreliable delivery times?

Non-adapted Kan-Ban quantity?

Do you struggle with one or more of the problems above? Allow us to introduce you to the unique TOC-Synchronised Supply Chain System. This system has lead to:

Improvement of delivery time reliability from 75% to + 95% (and from 92 % to 99%)

 40 % Stock reduction throughout the entire supply chain (from China to the costumer)

Internal synchronisation of purchase and sales

Transparancy for costumers and suppliers

Dynamic adaptations of lean-bufferstock

Combination of MTS and MTO (make to stock/ make to order).

Pro-active signals making panic orders and stress at purchase dissapear

Replacement of periodical MRP-runs by continuous monitoring

Built-in permanent diagnosis

Satisfied costumers, that do not run to the competition easily!

How does it work?


Technical: The TOC – System is complementary to the existent ERP’s and uses the same data. Coupling and interfaces happen safely and without issue. The amount of internal and/or external users is unlimited


Conceptually: This system does not suffer from aged concepts like point of order, economic quantity, and set delivery times. Instead, there is buffer management, which evolves to adapt to the use, and the known demand, supply, and risks