C&DS is reducing the complexity of a make-to-order environment
into a focused and reliable decision-making system.

The application covers:

The production database: Order process
Product data creation & maintenance Customer Orders. (from ERP or direct input)
Resource data & specifications. Production orders. (Assisted creation)
BOM creation & maintenance.
Routings creation & maintenance Scheduling logic
Calendars (global & per resource) Master schedule. (Constraint based)
Flexible BOM/Routing integration. Capacity checks and material checks.
Interactive resource calendars.
Follow-up & monitoring Capable to promise
Shop floor tracking. Due date confirm. (Feedback to customer orders)
Direct inputs or via barcode. Due date change management. (Interaction w. scheduling & Customer orders)
Shop floor priorities based on buffer management. Execution schedule.
Monitoring deliveries and customer service. Detailed schedules for constraint resources.
Proactive warnings and priorities. Sequencing and synchronization for non- constraint resources.
Shipping buffer management. Work orders release.
Material release schedules
Synchronized picking lists.