Deknudt Mirrors

Deknudt Mirrors Deknudt Mirrors is a family owned and Belgian based mirror maker brand, that develops and produces premium, precision crafted mirrors. Since 1946, they unite functional perfection with unseen designs for great interiors.


Engie Electrabel At the Engie-nuclear plants in Doel and Tihange, Bureau Léonard developed and implemented the OptimaCS-software to improve the availability of the material for maintenance and projects. OptimaCs software is interfaced with SAP..

Verhaert Space

Verhaert Space Critical chain: Single and multiple project implementation. Several space projects: Proba Project(first Belgian satellite) Cosma, Coupola, FSL… Proba (Project for On-Board Autonomy) is an ESA project that has been executed by Verhaert-Space. It is the first ESA satellite that works in complete autonomy in space. Operated via internet Proba executes all the important…


TKF TKF produces cables in different market segments: Broad band, Energy, Machines, Offshore, Rail, Home, Industry and Infrastructure. TKF focusses on better customer-specific cable solutions and high quality of the solutions to meet the highest requirements. Domain of application The implementation includes: operations, the internal supplychain through global TKF. The production and inventory management of…

Group Joos

Group Joos Group Joos is a leading and innovative company in graphics and offering a broad range of products and service. The expert-team offers customer support from concept to finished product. Group Joos is an authority in: TRANSACTIONAL MAIL PRINT MANAGEMENT SECURITY PRINT DIRECT MAIL PACKAGING SOLUTIONS


Brabantia Brabantia manufactures and distributes “branded” metal and plastic household items like: ironing tables, pedal bins, post boxes, drying mills, gadgets, can openers, lunch boxes and household cans. Distribution in 80 countries in Europe and world – wide. 5 manufacturing sites: Belgium, The Netherlands, Latvia, China and UK. 3 distribution Centers: Belgium, UK, US. Domain…