Are buffers the answer to current the supply chain crisis?

With 30 Years of TOC experience we learned that buffers (In time, inventory ,capacity, money ) are the best way to immunize a system from disturbance .

If there is variation in demand or murphy is around the best way to protect the output is a well-positioned and managed  buffer .

Recent events caused us to think again, buffering  supply chains to make them resilient to a pandemic or war can be expensive in the long term.  We need Agility (Adapt fast to changing and challenging environments in order to meet market demands) .

The new challenge is to take the right management decision fast and implement them even faster .

The good news is that we do not needs ton of data or complex AI algorithms to do that .

What we do need first is a clear framework to structure and challenge our thinking.

A toolkit that supports fast decision making and implementation is an absolute necessity for building (learning) organisations. The data and algorithms can help us in a later stage.

Interested in combining our experience and tools with your knowledge to build a future proof organisation let us know.


Interested Yes But more interested in a Bottom op approach let us know.