Rollout (3-6 months)

During the rollout phase the concept is anchored into the organization in a  way that is becomes the un-avoidable common way of operation and drives on-going improvement.

  • Install special modules (if needed)
  • Bring all concerned managers on-board.
  • All users are trained and coached to reach the required operational level.
  • Install and start coherent signals from the shop-floor  up to the board-room.
  • Implement new/adapted procedures where needed.
  • Synchronize order intake with de due date quotation logic.
  • Stop the old/obsolete systems on-time!
  • Make the daily decisions and manage priorities by buffer management.
  • Track Lead-time en Due-date improvement.
  • Make POOGI to become the main operational risk- communication platform. (Eliminate parallel systems)
  • Use POOGI cause-effect analysis as input for Quality actions and investments.
  • Make the connections with market constraints and the competitive position in the market.

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