Supports your TOC*-based decisions.  One and the same logic to synchronize your global supply-chain.

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Each operational function has the appropriate view on his own area of responsibility but the signals are driven by the global performance. C&DS makes the difference between: ‘So many problems’ and the few throughput constraints! C&DS is also the most accurate on-line MIS for your operations.

TOC for operations is about focusing on the right Throughput Constraints.
C&DS provides decision views for all the functions in operations, based on one and the same logic

Finite capacity planning

is a necessary tool for making operational decisions.
It starts by due date quotation. Every customer request can be checked before any commitment while taking in account the real operational constraints.
(Capacity, Inventory, Quality, Specs).

Optimal inventory levels

are obtained by using specific TOC-replenishment algorithms.
This technique is using dynamic corrections, pipeline control for long lead-times and a permanent monitoring of the (often changing) priorities.
It generates the priorities for your purchase department, while the same logic is synchronizing the inventories between your central warehouse and the local ones.

Performance measurements

A very high and reliable due date performance with minimal inventories is a regular result of steering your operations by C&DS.
Performance measurements are coherent and embedded into the logic.
Every decision-maker can have an on-line view on the actual performance and the reasons for deviation

Buffer Management

 is a unique TOC-technique that creates the necessary protection for the global chain while avoiding over-protection. The right signals are crucial for getting a smooth flow and this is why the build-in monitoring systems are so necessary to secure due-date performance. The same mechanism is used to drive priorities in execution that creates a coherent environment.



The TOC-Process Of On-Going Improvement is not only the diagnostic tool but it soon becomes the on-line communication platform for operations. This avoids extra reports-after-the-facts that are mostly gathered in a different way while needing extra efforts and inputs.  It includes cause reporting and automatically creates Pareto analysis for finding the most impacting causes. It avoids wasting time and effort by fighting symptoms and gives the right signals for emerging new constraints.
Your improvement process is now made un-avoidable. 



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