Bureau leonard has a large experience in implementing project management the TOC way (Critical Chain)

Critical chain project management implementations

Verhaert Space
Critical chain single and multi project implementation
Projects : multiple space projects
Proba project (first Belgian satellite) Cosma / Coupola /FSL …..

Proba (Project for on board autonomy) is an ESA project executed by Verhaert Design and development.Proba is the first ESA sattelite with is fully autonomous in space; this means it will operate into space virtually unaided. Operated through the Internet Proba performs all major tasks without intervention from ground control thanks to a complete new software which is 50 times more powerful than that on ESA’S full size solar observing system solar.

Except from these challenges Proba also carries five instruments mainly for earth observation. Except for these technical challenges the proba project is

  • The First satellite built in Belgium.
  • The First satellite built by Verhaert.
  • Extremely time critical (3 Years of development.)
  • Extremely low cost (about 10 times cheaper than a classical large satellite

These challenges led Verhaert to the conclusion that they needed a concept to manage the project’s risk The Critical Chain.

Together with Bureau Léonard the critical chain project management techniques were used on the project resulting in a more stable schedule , clear priorities , better risk identification and focus for project management .

Proba was successfully launched from India and is operating even better than expected.

Critical chain single and multi project implementation

Baxter started their critical chain journey with the Viaflo conversion project.

A major switch to a new technology involving conversion of equipment but also synchronizing regulatory and marketing issues.

The critical chain implementation brought the team together and allowed to synchronize all the efforts. complex projects .

The Viaflo project finished ahead of time and delivered as promised.

Buffer analysis allows the team to keep focused in large and

Baxter is currently running the majority of its projects in Europe on Critical Chain.

Bureau Léonard assisted Baxter in their Critical Chain Implementation

And many others like

Alcatel – Lucent
Critical chain single and multi project implementation
Pharmacia – Pfizer
Major investment projects
Software projects for ADSL modem
Swedish match
New product market introduction projects
Projects for building new production lines

Training of 300 + project manager is Critical Chain single and multi project